Pet Domestic & International Health Certificates

Traveling with your pet requires certain documents depending on the location and airline company. It is always important to check with your airline what is required to fly with a pet before your travel date.

North Avenue Animal Hospital - Pet Domestic & International Health Certificates

Pet Domestic & International Health Certificates

We are a USDA-accredited veterinary hospital.


Your pet may need a health certificate if you intend to take them on a trip to another state by airplane- please make sure to check with your airline.


Please contact a pet travel company to work with prior to calling our office to set up a health certificate consultation. This initial appointment with us must be scheduled at least 30 days prior to your travel date. During that visit we will let you know if any further documentation is needed.

Here is a list of suggested pet travel companies, but you are free to use any pet travel company you choose.

The pet travel company will check needed testing and documents based off regulations and laws specific to the destination country. This must be done before scheduling any appointment with North Avenue Animal Hospital.